Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Knit Night

Such fun at knit night last night. One lady had her spinning wheel and was working on a fine mint green yarn. Very pretty. There were a good number of people there working on all kinds of things. I got the gusset of my sock knit with only 1 small mistake. You know me running my mouth! This group meets once a month. I will be going back.

In knitting news: Still have not picked up the Cobblestone. Gotta get on it. 1St kaffe sock has gusset and foot needs toe. I am working my way through the gifts slowly but surely. I might make it I have something like 41 days. Gifts need to be shipped so I have more like 33 days but whose counting?

We are going to save some $$ and use our old tree this year. We had it and a real tree last year. Last years tree sat in the yard till summer cuz Hubby did not take it to the drop off place. And no one picks them up. So it is all for the best. The MK's are ready for the Christmas stuff to come out. Won't be long now. This year I have decided I will try to finish all the half done projects of Christmas past. I have kits I bought a few years ago I never did anything with. This is the year to get them done instead of buying more stuff to sit around. I cleaned out my closet yesterday, can you tell?

I will be sending my last SP11 package today. I hope it does not take 4 weeks to get there.

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