Tuesday, November 20, 2007

GAH Your yarn is done.

Sorry these are spoken for.

Here it is sorry the pictures are so bad but there is no light. The pink is perfect if I may say so. Light to bright pink in soft waves. I love it. It is soft and washable. I rinsed the heck out of it but just to be safe wash in cold water all by itself the first time. The other is a little brighter than the picture. It is still wet so we will see a better photo tomorrow. The blue could be darker. You should get stripes of the blue/peach/brown The peach is a little more orange than I had intended but I like the result. You can't tell from this but there is a real depth of color that should play nicely in the striping. I have to wind it again and that takes some doing. I'll get a picture. That's 1320 yards of yarn coming at ya!

Up next yarn for my little bros gift. Kettle dyed all one color. Much easier dye job. I like the single color dyes lately. I love the slight changes in the resulting fabric.

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