Sunday, November 25, 2007

My Hubby

is the sweetest thing. Last night as I was looking at yarn on line he says "what do you think about a spinning wheel" I tell him I would love to have one but figured one would be more $$ than we have right now. "Yes but couldn't you make your own yarn then?" sure says I if I can find someone to teach me. "lets look at some" says the best Hubby ever. So we head over to e-bay and see lots of nice looking wheels some new some old. BHE thinks an old wheel would look nice in the living room by the fire(see why I love him). I don't know anything about the different wheels and told him I just want to make sure the thing works. So blog land any thoughts on spinning wheels? Old vs New? Type?

And let me just say for the record: I have the best Hubby! He loves me and wants to see me happy. He knows I really want my shop to work out and wants to help me. He is a great Dad and my Best Friend. I love you Baby! even if you do leave empty pop bottles all over the place.

I had better get that sweater finished!

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