Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Ick

Yesterday it was 70 and sunny. Today, the ick... cold,rainy and windy. I already have the runny nose next comes the head cold. Happens every year about this time. When I was in college I was always sick for Thanksgiving. Break meant I had time to be sick and my body would gang up on me. Swell. Maybe I can get to hold off a few days.

Hubby made progress on the basement yesterday. The shelves are painted and if I can get the wall painted today he will put them up this weekend. This will mean I can get the dvds off the book case and get the rest of the books out of the boxes! This will open up much needed storage space for other crap.

Kiddos and I will get out the Christmas stuff this weekend. They are very excited. They will be doing the tree this year. We are going to make garlands and other little decorations with MG's bff tomorrow. MG is very happy her friend is spending all day with us tomorrow. BFF is a good kid and her Mom and I are PTA buddies. The girls have a great time together but it is loud.

I have pretty yarn to show but I can't get a good picture just now, it will have to wait. I distract you with a pic of MB from the zoo. Cute right?

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