Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Ooooo Scary!

Here are the Monsters all ready for Trick or Treat. They both got a pumpkin full of candy.MG uses the Jack O Lantern I had as a kid. You can still see where the tape with my name was. It was a chilly night and we were home pretty early. They had a great time. MB runs to each house on and says his "trick or treat!" then shouts Happy Halloween" at the top of his lungs. MG want to pet everyone dog. Much fun was had by all.
With Halloween over we are getting ready for the holiday push. I love that this year I will be home with the kids in December. I see lots of baking and snowball fights this year. I need to get some wool and knit some mittens. I have 1 fingerless mitt done for hubby, I guess I had better knit the other soon. I hope to find yarn for some mitts for myself while I'm out with the gals this weekend and maybe a sock yarn. MG wants some hand knit socks but does not like any of the colors I have. We will see. I may have to get some superwash and dye it for her. The first of MB Christmas socks is almost done. Just need to finish off that toe. I can never seem to get it right so I plan on asking GAH to help me out. She is the Aunt that taught me to knit after all.
My goal was to post to the blog everyday this month. I will miss 2 days this weekend while I am out of town. I am sure I will have lots to post about after the trip so I'll make up those 2 posts.
And don't forget I'm having a sale at BunkyBoBos. The yarns from yesterday sold before I even got them up. So sorry. I have had a request for more worsted and sport weight. What do you guys think? Any colorways you are just in love with?

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