Saturday, November 17, 2007


Well I've got the dye pot going and it should be going most of the day. I need to get GAH's done and dye up a hank for a Christmas gift I need to get knit. The good news is I am half way there with the first cobblestone sleeve and each MK has one sock done. MB's 2nd sock has a heel flap. I have the gift for MG's teacher knit as well so I think I'm gonna make it.

The Cobblestone has me worried about fit. I knit tight and I am getting gauge but I still think its not gonna fit. I always think its not gonna fit. I have this feeling with everything I have made so far. However my knitting always seems to be like always works out in the end. Sure you get bad knitting as well as bad theatre sometimes but that's how we learn right? Yeah, somebody please tell me that Christmas morning when Hubby is swimming in wool.

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