Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Dear FDA,wtf

So MB has a runny nose and a little sore throat due to said nose. The only problem is I am not supposed to give him anything for it. Thanks a bunch FDA! Tell all the Moms not to give their kids cold medicine, what am I supposed to do now? You think you could check if these things are safe before we give them to kids? What happens if we have given it to them as instructed by the Dr for the kids whole life? Quit freeking us out and do your job ok?

He is drinking lots of water and resting but the river of ick from the nose just keeps flowing. Called the Doc and the nurse said "just let it run its course" Thanks lady! How many kids do you have? If he is no better tomorrow he gets the cold medicine I have used for him his entire life. Hasn't hurt him yet and I only give him part of the dose.
In related news the MK's will be seeing a new doctor starting with the next visit. I have changed offices all together now. So with a little luck the new guy will be better. The last guy told MG when she was 5 that she was fat. She wouldn't eat for 3 days after that. The new guy comes highly recommended.

2 more days till girls weekend!

1 more day untill Spamalot! I got Hubby tickets for his birthday and the show is tommrow. I saw it in NYC but Hubby was not with me so he missed out and was more than a little bummed about it. So tommrow is the day!

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