Thursday, December 20, 2007

The 20th day

The Red Kettle. My kids love the bell ringers at Christmas. I try to have a few coins on hand for the kids to give. This year MG really understands that the money goes to help other people. She is very cute about it. She will tell her brother he has to put his dime in the pot because it is nice to help others. What a great kid. 7 years old and she gets what Christmas is all about, Peace on earth and good will to men. I love that kid.

There is a bell ringer at our local supermarket who is always singing. When you put $$ in his pot he sings his thanks. MB calls him That Singing Guy. He loves to put his coins in and do a little dance with Singing Guy.
With the changes I've made this year I don't have as much to give as I would like, But I can always find pennies for my kids to put in the red kettle. When I think about all the red kettles out there and children putting their pennies in I know my little family has done some good. And I could not be more proud of my kids for knowing it too.

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