Thursday, December 27, 2007

spinning my wheels... not

Well no spinning yet. Hubby had the wheel all in parts and I just the tension right and have just been turning the wheel to get used to the feel.I have not had 10 minutes all in a row to sit with her and thread her up so I will take her to Miss V's tonight and see if I can get her going.
My favorite LYS is having a big sale today. 25% off everything in the store. I'm on a yarn diet but may stop by just to have a peek. I have been so good about knitting from stash, but 25% off is pretty good.

In BunkyBoBo's news I had a Etsy showcase spot yesterday. It resulted in a lot of hits but no sales. I am going to do more advertising this week and see if that helps. Maybe everyone else is on a yarn diet too? After I get my new desk set up I am going to work on some new projects to list. I have some good ideas and a bunch of stuff stashed around the house. I just need the space to work on them that I can keep the MK's out of. I need Hubby to move a big TV first but this should be done this weekend.

The MK's are doing well. MG has been working up a sweet with the Wii and MB likes to make up stories with his books and stuffed animals. It is so cute to watch him. As I type this they are Wii Boxing. At least they are not hitting eachother.

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