Monday, December 10, 2007

One more gift

Here is the last of the gift knits for this Holiday. I have amended my plan and am not knitting as many gifts this year.
So the scarf is based on Brooklyn Tweeds Scholar Collar. I didn't really even look at the pattern. The Yarn is leftover from the Tomten, Jo Sharp Silkroad Tweed DK. Cast on 32 knit garter till I like the length, make 2 button holes, knit 8 more inches of garter and voila!. The yarn is the star here, a wool cashmere blend. The tweediness of this little scarf makes me happy. It will be a warm toasty hug for the wearer. I do hope he likes it. I almost made this person a hat but just can't knit another hat for a while.
In other knitting the Cobblestone has a 2nd sleeve that is 3/4 done. I may get this finished. I have also started a new sock for travel knitting. I started with the Jaywalker pattern but just didn't like the way it fit so I frogged most of the first sock and have started on a new idea. We will see if it pans out. I have never really knit socks without a pattern before but I think it will work out. If not I can always frog.

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