Thursday, December 06, 2007


No Christmas post today. Yesterday afternoon a young man walked into the Von Maur store at our local mall and shot and killed 8 people 5 more wounded, then he shot himself. I was not at the mall for any of this. MB and I were out and saw lots of cop cars headed that way but I did not think much of it till Hubby called me to find out where I was. Scary. So far it seems we did not know any of the people involved, Thank God! What they did not say on CNN is right outside that store is where Santa is set up. Right outside the first floor entrance! If it had been Sunday afternoon we would have been right there. as a side note MG's school was on alert but not locked down. Police knew pretty early on they had the shooter. The school is 2 exits down the expressway from the mall. Gonna be hard to find a reason to go to the mall for a while.

This kid had a SK assault rifle. Who in there right mind would sell a kid a gun like that? I would say maybe now people will think again about gun control, but they won't. Not here in red state USA.

Back Friday with Happy stuff.

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Anonymous said...

I also wrote you an email, I'm so deeply relived to hear you and your family is ok!
*big hugs*