Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The 5th day

I should call this one the power of Santa. Around this time every year the kids start to get very excited about Santa. They know they have to be good or Mommy will tell Santa and there will be no gifts. I love that they still believe. MG keeps telling MB if he is naughty Santa will leave him rocks. When he and I were in the mall last week he saw a bin of shiny rocks. "Is this where Santa gets his rocks Mommy?" The sales person looks confused. So I tell MB "Santa brings a lump of coal if you are naughty"
"oh," says MB "these are pretty! I like pretty rocks."

So this may seem like a bit of a cop out but, I love that at Christmas time some grown ups will do anything to keep Santa real for the kids. At Holiday time we all get to be kids. I tell the MK's that Santa is real as long as we all believe in him.
On Christmas Eve The MK's will leave cookies For Santa as well as some fruit and veg for the reindeer. MG says that if the big man gets a snack the reindeer need one too! Last Christmas Santa left her a nice Thank You note.
On Sunday we will go visit the Big Man for MB's birthday. We do this every year and he loves it. When he is older he may wish his birthday was not so close to Christmas but for now MB thinks it is the coolest thing to Visit Santa for his birthday.
So this Christmas remember to believe in the Magic of the Season and it will be yours. Life is what we make it so at least once a year we can make it special.

I wonder if Peace on Earth would break out if we all just believe in it?

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