Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Elf hat pattern

So to make the Peppermint elf hat you need about 200 yard worsted weight. 3 colors(I used wool but you could use anything.) A size 8 circ needle ( or whatever you like)

Cast on 84 Stitches in MC. Place marker and join in round careful not to twist. Knit 4 rounds.
Purl one round
Knit 2 rounds
Purl one round
Knit 2 rounds

Now the stripe part
Knit about 25 rows in whatever stripe pattern you like.
Knit 2 rounds of MC.
Next round K21 place marker repeat to end or round.
Decrease round: Knit to 2 sts before marker k2tog repeat to end of round (4sts decreased)
Knit one round
Repeat these 2 rounds until 1 stitch remains between markers.
Knit a short I cord on the last 4 stitches. Bind off. Add bell to end of I-cord and weave in ends. Block lightly
For a longer hat you can use 3 decrease points instead of 4 or knit more rounds between the decreases.

Hope you enjoy it. If you have questions please let me know. I have never really written a pattern before.

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