Monday, December 31, 2007

New wip's

I have started 2 new projects over the last week. Well 3 if you count the spinning. First is a pair of socks for a Knit Along I am doing on Raverly. It is called Hands Off Its Mine! The idea is to knit something for yourself. Fun!

The second is a blanket for MG. I am using the Pi Shawl pattern from EZ's knitters almanac. I am knitting it up in worsted leftovers from stash. I think this might just finish off the bag of odd balls I have. Should be pretty colorful. So far: hot pink, dark purple, natural,black, and red. The pattern is easy only 5 increase rounds in the whole thing. The first 2 rounds were no fun but now that is on the circs it is as mindless as it gets. Should be warm too. MG has been upset lately when ever I leave the house without her, so this will be a warm Mommy blankie.

I am happy to report the Cobblestone is nearly done. I finished the last of the short rows at the neck and just have to finish up the neck and graft the armpits. I have decided I am not a huge fan of garter in the round. I am a slow purler.

The spinning? Well I have spun something that is kind of like yarn. I have a lot to learn. I enjoy it I just need to practice.

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