Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Note from the FMC

Dear Santa,
I have been such a good dog this year, I really think I deserve some treats. I mean have you met the kids I live with? Boy are they loud. The little one climbs on me and the big one makes me go where ever she goes. But I love them and they are good pals for me. I help Mom too! I lay on her feet to keep them warm and I leave piles of warm fur all over the place. I am loyal and friendly and cute! Please don't forget me this Christmas. I promise not to wake the kids when I hear you come in.
Your Pal,


CynicalGal said...

Dear Winston,

You are so sweet and I like to be a lapghan for my mom too. I hope Santa takes really good care of you and your people.


Anonymous said...

Too cute! Chester took a picture with "Santa Paws"- he was a scaredy cat- I have to post a picture of it- he has this look on his face- "Mom, don't leave me with this strange person!"