Sunday, December 23, 2007

The 23rd Day

The Christmas cards from family and friends have been arriving for about a week now. I love reading the letters and catching up on what everyone is doing. I suck at getting cards out. I still have the box I bought last year and in the box I found cards I wrote last year and never sent. Who knows why. Up until this year Christmas was my busy season, with dozens of events and things to set up for clients. This year I have no excuse. I had the time to do them I just spent that time doing other things. Things like playing in the snow with the MK's and baking cookies.
So sorry to friends and family who did not get cards from us this year. I really do care about you I just did not get the cards done, Maybe next year.

only 3 more inches of yoke and I can bind off the Cobblestone! It will be good to have this project done.

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bockstark.knits said...

i think your blog is a type of card. it says what you're up to and the people that care read it! so i think that should count... merry christmas to you and yours!