Saturday, December 01, 2007

The first day of Christmas

Today begins the 25 days of Christmas series.

One of the things I love about the Holidays is putting up all of our decorations. Each year we pull out the boxes and enjoy rediscovering each item. The last thing to go up every year is our Stockings.

The group of 4 belong to my little family. These were Knit for us by my GAH. She has knit hundreds of these over the years. I know quite a few families who hold GAH stockings as their dearest Christmas treasures. Each one is a little different. I love these stockings. I have never even considered getting others. These stockings were made with all the love that Christmas time brings. For the Knitters out there. GAH has a large notebook of patterns for these. Most are made with Red Heart Sport yarn. Santa's beard there is some kind of soft fuzzy yarn. They are knit flat to the heel then foot is knit in the round. I'm not sure if she ever made 2 alike. The MK's each have a Gingerbread boy(or girl). The design possibilities are endless. I have never seen another like mine.

The 2 stockings in the other picture belong to my Grandparents. They passed away before my kids were born but having the stockings up at Christmas time makes me think of them and I feel like a little part of them is here to have Christmas with their Great Grand kids. I know they would have loved being great grandparents.

Maybe in the future if I am very lucky and do enough things right, My stocking will hang in my great grand kids house to remind them at Christmas Time...

What is your most precious Christmas Treasure?

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CynicalGal said...

Beautiful and whimsical. Happy 25 days of Christmas!