Monday, December 03, 2007

The 3rd day

As part of my holidays I am allowed to eat whatever sweets I want. I watch what I eat the rest of the year, I give myself December off.
I use real butter in all my baking too. None of that low fat good for you junk for me thank you very much! Bring on the fudge! the cookies! and Party mix! The cakes! the breads! and candies!
I know, I know its bad for me. But all the extra Holiday running around and the chasing of Monsters helps keep the poundage down and it is only once a year.
So my wish for my friends on this 3rd day of Christmas is this. Is for everyone to put the scale away and Enjoy the goodies of the season, forget your diet and treat yourself. We will all spend January worrying about what we ate over the holidays anyway so have that piece of fudge, and enjoy it. You'll burn it off in the parking lot at the mall in no time. Guilt free snacking for all!
What is your favorite holiday treat? Stay tuned for my favorite cookie recipe!

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