Sunday, December 16, 2007


Here is the yarn form my SITM2 pal. it is much brighter than the picture. So pretty! I may pair it with something from stash and make some mittens.

In knitting news I have joined up the Cobblestone and finished the first short rows. Hubby is taking the MK's to see Alvin and the chipmunks today (isn't he great?) so I can get the gifts wrapped and make sure we have everything. After that is done I will plant myself in the chair with the sweater. Looks like it will be a good day to sit under a big pile of wool.

The socks I am working on are going to be for my sock pal. I think she will love them and I think they will fit her. I have smallish feet and these are a little big for me. This means that I can't post them for a while...sorry.

The great 2007 bake off is in full swing here. MG had a bake sale at school so I made 4 dozen cookies for that. There have also been new cookies this year. I tried Scottish Shortbread the other day and it is melt in your mouth yummy. I sent some off to Moms. Last night I made Mint Chocolate Brownies. I really just switched the chips to the mint kind. Yummy! I only find the ch mint chips around holiday time so I always stock up. Today I will make Hubby's favorite, Andees mint/toffee. I got some Heath Bars to smash up.(This is the fun part!) These are the cookies people ask me for every year. Hubby went out and got the candy bars when I couldn't find the chips. He wants his cookies! I'll post these soon.

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Avid said...

Congratulations on gift and sweater progress! I only have 1 more package to ship and my mom's socks to finish. Luckily, we're exchanging gifts on the 1st.

Your Sock Pal