Friday, December 07, 2007

The 7th Day

With the Holiday season in full swing now and the weather turned cold Hubby and I are always looking for things to do with the kiddos. One our favorite things to do is pile everyone in the truck(doggy too) and go look at the lights. One of our local radio stations puts together a map of the best decorated houses in the area. Hubby maps out our route and I put on the Christmas cd's and off we go. The kids love seeing the houses all lit up and singing along with the Christmas music. When we get home I make hot chocolate for everyone and Hubby reads the Kids a Christmas book. All in all a nice family evening with no tv. The nice thing about this kind of evening is we can do this more than once . Hubby just picks a new part of town and off we go. We our planing our first such trip for tonight. I have my Muppet Christmas and Bear Naked Ladies cd's all ready to go.
We have a nice layer of snow now. Everything looks so pretty covered in snow, at least for a day or two anyway.
I hope you can all get out and enjoy an evening of sight seeing this Holiday season. After all spending time with family is what Christmas is about, and when they are all trapped in a moving car they pretty much have to get along.(or you could just leave them on the side of the road! hehehe)

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