Sunday, December 02, 2007

The 2nd day

I am short on time today so this is a quick one.
The family and I were trapped in our home most of yesterday due to the weather so we had movie time. I love my holiday movies. There will be more on the list but today's movie is A Christmas Story. How can you not love Ralphie and his pals? And that lamp? I have been looking for one for 10 years now! I have a burning desire to knit Flick's stocking cap. (I am in fact working on this design as we speak) If you have never seen this movie go see it. Today, you won't be sorry.(Unless you hate Christmas then I would suggest not seeing it) If you have seen it it is time to pull it out again. My kids love it and it still makes Hubby and I laugh out loud. He and I can do nearly every scene. We are a hit in the living room.
Its funny how my kids love this movie so much. This is one that came out when I was still a kid. It really is timeless. Favorite Holiday Movie anyone?

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