Monday, January 07, 2008

Back to school

MG went back to school today. She was happy to go and see her friends and teachers. MB is pretty happy to have the place to himself. It will be good for him to get back into his grove. He is now happily playing with his animal friends on the sofa. He likes to set up all of his stuff guys up and read them the Degio books GAL got him for Christmas. I can't seem to catch him at it long enough to get a picture.

In other news.
We have been offered a Basset Hound puppy for free. He is 3 mouths old and had his shots and is named Mater. You know like Trmater without the Tr. The owner has to move out of her house to a small apartment and may have to give up the puppy. We have not said anything to the kids yet because it may not happen if the owner can find a way to keep him. We should know in the next day or 2. We have been thinking about another dog but have put it off for a while when I left work. We told her we would take him if she and her daughter could not keep him, but we understand if they want to find a way to keep him. This is why we have not told the kiddos about him.(Please don't tell them) Besides they will freak out when we go to pick him up and Hubby and I can be Heroes for at least one evening. This would be the best time to have a puppy because I am home. We think Winston will do well. He has mellowed a bit. He get along great with other dogs. We will have to wait and see.

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