Monday, January 14, 2008


The flyer is the right one. It has to go back. Unless I can get someone to carve me one I am out of luck. Kromski redesigned the wheel I have about 10 years ago. (10 years after mine was made) The "Mother of all" is a different size. Not only that but new bobbins will not fit it so unless I come across parts on e-bay the wheel won't really work. I guess I am not meant to use this wheel. Hubby says he can make it work but he wants to drill holes and change things. I don't really think that is a good idea. I had better start saving my pennies for a new one.

ETA: Hubby wants me to keep the flyer. He feels he can make a new "Mother of all" to make the flyer fit. He has promised not to mess with the parts of the wheel as they are now. Just replace the one. I figure I will let him try. I can always sell or trade the flyer later if it does not work and have the old one intact.

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