Monday, January 07, 2008

My toy broke

I could not get the bobbin off the spindle. Hubby said he would help me and took the whole deal down stairs. He whacked it with a hammer( I had no idea he was going for a hammer) and this happened. Can't really afford a new part or even if a new one would fit my older wheel. none on E-bay.I can get a quick change flyer set. It uses different bobbins. Guess its a good thing I have not ordered more bobbins. I am trying really hard not be bummed, but the thing can't spin now and I just got the hang of it and filled my first bobbin. Gonna go cry now.


L said...

ouch hun!! umm ya I think you are better off getting new.

BUT on the bright side! a quick change would be a GREAT upgrade!

The Woolery has decent prices on them too.

Lorena said...


My first question of course is why did he take a hammer to it?!?!?!?!? But I don't want to sound like I'm saying he did the wrong thing.

So instead I will offer my condolences, and tell you that Copper Moose (on eBay, or is where I got my Kromski.

meg said...

Wood glue? Elmer's wood glue and some kind of clamp? Maybe? Ow.