Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Yesterday is was 50,sunny and great outside weather. Today? 20, rain, wind and muck. Gotta love the Midwest!

We got a dog carrier for Toph to sleep in. Mom has a big one for us I can pick up in April so this one is medium sized. She slept in there for about 3 hours last night. Then Hubby let her out for business and then she spent the rest of the night on his chest. I am glad she is bonding with him too. Poor Hubby needed the extra love. His work truck broke down on the interstate as he was driving home last night. Lucky for him he was able to get off at an exit and park the beast. It has 198,000 miles (this is not a joke!) The company just ordered him a new truck. He should have it soon.

I hope to order more yarn blanks later this week. I want to brake out the spring colors again. It is so drab here today

In knitting news I whipped up a quick baby gift to send to a friend of Moms. Pictures when the light returns. The little one is the first grandchild of a dear friend.
Sock Pal's sock are really close to being done. Just foot/toe of #2.
Gotta go snuggle with cute little blond kid and dogs. Don't I have a rough life?

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