Saturday, January 05, 2008

Witty Title

Ms Snark asked about my wheel in the comments. She is a Kromski Mazurka. She is just like the Minstrel( I think) except mine is a single treadle (bet I spelled that wrong). btw Ms Snark your wheel is so pretty! love the new banner. (click on the link and check out her new shoes. I need me a pair of those!)
I will take some more pictures of her today to post.

I set the wheel aside yesterday to try some new dyes. I got a new black and it does not crack! I got black yarn! a little uneven but still black none the less. Yeah! now if I could just get the red I want. I also got some neon colored food coloring to play with. I think brighter colors for spring are in order. But not today. Today the Mk's and I are going to the zoo to see the baby penguins. They were to be hatched just before Christmas. I love being a zoo member. I can take the kids for an hour or the whole day and it cost me nothing! Memberships to our zoo are about $75.00 per year and it pays for itself after 2 trips. As a side note we had some folks from China here to check out our zoo. Seems there is a chance of us getting a Panda or 2 here! That would be so cool.

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