Monday, January 28, 2008

Toph Update

We had our visit with the vet today and she is great. Vet says Aussie shep and lab (he thinks) She does not like to ride in the car and sat on MB's lap with her nose in his arm pit for the ride home. MB for his part keep telling her " its ok Toph, We are your family now" Both the kids are worried that Toph missed her brother and sister (one was already gone when we got there). The kids are so sweet with her. Winston rolls Toph over when ever he gets the chance. The vet says this is normal and unless there is angry growl not to correct Winston. Toph seem to understands this and will submit most of the time.

It seem most of the puppies went home yesterday as well as many of the older dogs. It breaks my heart to see so many older dogs there. We tried mature dogs but Winston wasn't into it. He seem to understand Toph is a baby.

In more good news it is almost 50 here today! and sunny! lots of outside time today. I hope this mean all the kids will sleep well tonight!

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