Friday, January 18, 2008

One for the House Elves

How's this for a quick project? I cast on last night after the MK's went to bed and by the time I went to bed I had this little hat. The pattern is the Tea Cozy Hat from Charmed Knits. It fits MB but he just got a new hat. I am sure there will be a baby sometime for this little hat. I used up some odd ball leftovers Knit Picks Wool of the Andes. I wanted some mindless knitting and this fit the bill. Just garter st with a little bit of clever seaming at the top. I wonder if there will be a Charmed Knits 2?

In other news: Hubby's show opens today. This means that next week I can go to knit night! Yea! I have not been out without the kids since just after Christmas. I love them but I need a night off. Hubby has been gone at the theatre every night this week and most of last week. I am a little peeved that I did up all these props for the show and did not even get a thank you from the theatre. Not a word. Nice. Oh well us techies always get the fuzzy end of the lolly pop.

In a bit of good news it looks like Hubby will be taking the MK's to see his Mom in TX for spring break. I am not going on this trip. MIL gets very stressed if I don't let her have her way with the kids and it makes me nuts. Also with what is going on with her I want the kids to have a really great visit with her to remember when things with MIL start to get really bad. Less stress for her is the key to this I think so I will have a week to myself! I think I am going to go visit my folks. Mom and I never get to spend enough time together so this will be great. I will get to visit with GAL too and maybe see GAH as well. I think another adventure weekend is in order.

I can't wait! Is it April Yet?

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