Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Poor Hubby was up late last night trying to see if he can fix the wheel. When I went to bed he was looking at pictures and muttering to himself. I told him not to feel bad.

In happier news secret project is all knit. I have a little finishing to do. My sock pal socks are started (again) and should progress quite fast now. It is a easy pattern.
I am wanting to start another sweater but don't have sweater yarn in my stash so will instead get to work on the wine bag I told Mom I would make for her. Shouldn't be hard... Maybe I'll add a little colorwork to jazz it up.

I spent all of yesterday making scrapbook covers for Hubby's show. I got 7 done and 1 nearly done. Not bad for one day. I was able to use stuff I had on hand and not have to buy anything. The only direction the director gave me was to make them tacky. Fun! I love the tacky!

btw Ms Snark sent me some wonderful homemade soap and beautiful yarn. I will have to get pictures later. I love the soap! I would try soap making but I hear it can be pretty toxic and the kiddos get into everything so...none of that for me. Thanks Ms Snark! You Rock!

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