Friday, January 11, 2008

My Monkey

See the Monkey in this picture? I got him from the warehouse. He was a prop for the tour of Secret Garden. Well I looked him up on line yesterday. My friend from the tour company told me the director bought it at a shop in NYC and paid a lot for it. Well he was made in Japan. He is made of Bronze. And he is worth about enough to put gas in my truck for a month. I have 4 other items from this same shop. My friend made me take them so they would not be put in a dumpster. One is an inkwell that is brass (I think, still has its glass). I also have a large ink bottle, an other Monkey(this one is a broken lamp), and a rocking horse.
I have wanted to put some things up on e-bay for a while and I think I will add some of these items too. I need to do a little more checking first.

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