Friday, January 25, 2008


Well it is another cold day here in the heartland. about 12 above now. The weather man says it will be 48 on Monday! WTF?

Anyway, I have started listing some of my fabrics on Etsy. I have more coming. I figured I would list them on Etsy cuz its cheaper and there is lots of fabric listed already. Hopefully it will sell and attract some new people to the shop. I am waiting to hear back from Jess at Ravelry about my Yarnie profile there. Hope that will help drive sales a little.

As for knitting I have sock pals 2nd sock otn and should have plenty of time to get them done before the end of the swap. The round blanket is coming along. I am worried I don't have enough yarn for the knit on border so I may have to put it on hold again. I thought I had enough odd balls to finish it up but it is eating yarn at a fantastic pace now. I may need to order some to finish.

Made it to Knit Night last night. Had a great time, met some cool new people and saw the new L&V yarns.Yum!

Gotta run, MB wants me. Nice to be wanted eh?

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