Sunday, January 27, 2008

Meet Toph

The local shelter was overflowing with puppies and we just couldn't say no. They even lowered the fee. She is 2 month old Aussie Shepperd mix (lab we think) Winston loves his new friend. He is watching her sleep right now. The MK's are over the moon. I love her.
There were so many dogs there. I hope they all are as lucky as Toph.
Btw Toph is named for a blind earthbender. Yea we're geeks. What of it?
eta: Toph has decided she is my dog. If she is not playing with the mks she is on my lap. She wants to sleep on my chest. Did I tell you I love her?


mari said...

He is adorable.
Love the name.

Elyse said...
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Elyse said...

I KNEW I recognized that name! We LOVE Avatar too! And the puppy is incredibly adorable!!Think MissV will let you bring her on Thursday? Wishful hoping I know.

Anonymous said...

OMG, she is so cute!

Hege said...

She is so cute!