Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Velvet Grapes

So I got 2 hanks of Malabrigo yarn at me LYS year end sale. I knit a little beanie for MB which he loves and then started a scarf. He declared it "soft" and "Mine". So I finished up the first skein and gave it to him. He loves it. Soft and warm. The 2nd skein of this beautiful yarn is getting knitting into a Tam. I love this yarn! the color is amazing and it is so soft! I dream of knitting a Malabrigo sweater!

The color btw is Velvet Grapes.

Socks are flying along and non knit projects are ready for photo shoot. Should be a busy day, even if it is flippin cold here.

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Lorena said...

Oh, too funny, I'm knitting something with Velvet Grapes right now, too. I need to update the photo on my Rav queue, then you can see it...! Don't you just love Malabrigo? I just want to roll in it, it's so soft.