Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Power of the Cuteness

Toph is just so sweet. She is a snuggler, and so far she like to snuggle everyone. Winston included. She follows him around the house at times playing with his tail. He lets her until he has had enough. Then he knocks her down and goes off in search of a quite place to nap.

Toph has also had an effect on MG. She cleans up after the pup without being asked and has started putting things away so Toph won't chew them. There has been less pouting and sass too.

MB is in charge of supper time and makes sure Toph gets "just the right scoop" They are very good to Winston too. Telling him they love him and giving extra hugs. Hubby and I call it The Power of the Cuteness. Babies have it too. You know what I mean. They are so cute you will put up with sleepness nights and poop on the floor. Well Toph has this power in spades, combine it with good happy kids and it is almost more than I can handle. So much cuteness! Must resist! House needs cleaning!

Back soon I have pictures of knitting!

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Lorena said...

I know I can't escape the power of the cuteness!!!